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What to do in case of an accident when driving your car abroad?

By Roberta Saglimbene
  • 5 Jul 13
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In case of injuries:
1.  If the severity of the injuries justifies it, dial 100 which alerts the hospital authorities and the Police;
2.  In cases where it is not necessary to dial 100, you are still legally obliged to contact the Police immediately;
3.  Take note of the name, address and telephone number of the injured persons before leaving the scene.

In case of damage to vehicles only:
1.  If you are impeding traffic, remove your vehicle as soon as possible as required by traffic regulations. However, it is important to mark on the ground the 4 corners of the vehicle and make a note of any brake marks, mud or debris. Photographs are always useful;
2.  Call the Police if this will be in your interest, especially in case the other driver refuses to give his version or to sign the report form.

In all cases, it is important to:
1.  Complete the European Accident Statement (approved by the European Insurance Committee);
2.  Write down the details of any witnesses to the accident;
3.  Sign the statement and get it signed by the other driver;
4.  When you get home complete the accident report on the back of the form, which is required by your insurer;
5.  Forward this document to us with no delay so we can help you submit your claim.


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