Home Insurance

We offer various insurance solutions for your home whether it is your private residence or being leased out. If you have just taken out a loan to purchase your home, contact us for competitive rates to cover your property that suits the bank’s requirements. The Householder Insurance Policy mainly covers Buildings, Contents, Personal possessions and Liability. Cover your buildings and contents against fire, smoke damage, theft, explosion, lightning, earthquake, flood, riot, malicious damage, burst pipes, collision by vehicles, collapse of aerials, falling trees, poles and posts. The Personal Belongings Section

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Motor Insurance

Owners of motor vehicles must, in accordance with the law, be in possession of a valid motor insurance policy. We offer the following types of motor insurance: Comprehensive Cover, paying for damage to the insured vehicle irrespective of liability for the accident; Third Party Fire & Theft insurance, offering fire and theft cover to the insured vehicle; Third Party Cover, which is the minimum requirement in accordance with the law. We offer Green Card Insurance so your motor vehicle will be insured even when driving your car abroad. We issue

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Health Insurance

Do you often visit doctors? Do you wish to avoid unnecessary delays due to waiting lists for the public health service? We can offer a wide range of healthcare plans, namely: individual health plans; family health plans; corporate health plans for your employees. Such healthcare plans can be tailor made to suit your company’s and your personal needs and budgets. Whichever scheme you choose, it will enable you to access the best medical care, offering you the peace of mind you and your loved ones deserve.  

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Travel Insurance

We offer travel insurance varying from the basic travel policy to the executive type. Travel insurance will cover various types of holiday, be it a cruise or a skiing, motoring holiday or a business trip. Contact us prior to your next trip abroad and we will issue your travel policy in the shortest time possible. To mention a few of the features offered by the policies, cover includes: Cancellation or Abandonment Charges; Medical Expenses & Hospital Benefit; Personal Accident and Personal Liability; Baggage and Money; Delayed or Missed Departure; Car

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Boat Insurance

Whatever boat you own we are able to offer insurance covering the hull as well as third party liability. This ensures you are fully protected when the boat is ashore as well as afloat. The cover can include accidental loss or damage to your boat, motors, machinery, equipment and personal items,  salvage charges, liability and personal accident. The policy may also be extended to include cover for water skiing, racing and chartering.  

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Commercial Insurance

Business Insurance Policies  We offer a wide range of policies for the small to medium sized businesses as well as the large corporations.  The following are some of the policies which are available: Fire & Theft; Employers Liability; Public Liability; Group Personal Accident; Loss of Profits; Freight Forwarders Legal Liability.  Contact us for a quote and we can discuss the ideal plan for your business.  Marine Cargo Insurance We specialize in marine cargo insurance and offer cover on a wide range of goods from foodstuffs and electrical goods to personal

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Life Insurance

Are you setting up a business, buying a new home, starting a family or planning for your retirement? We offer life insurance and investment products which are tailor-made to suit your ever changing needs. Whether it is an individual, joint, corporate life plan or a policy to cover your bank loan, we can help you choose the best solution for you.

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