Home Insurance

Secure your home with Jatco

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Motor Insurance

Let us help you find the ideal insurance cover for your car or motorbike

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Health Insurance

Jatco will help you find the most suitable insurance cover to protect you for medical treatments which unfortunately you might require

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Travel Insurance

We can take care of your travel insurance which will make you feel safe when on holiday

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Boat Insurance

Let us make sure your boat is safe both when at sea and on shore

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Business Insurance Policies

Do you want to be protected against the risks which your business might have to face?

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Do you require a life insurance cover?

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Welcome to Jatco Insurance Brokers

  • As brokers we will provide you with the best insurance quotation from the local market
  • As brokers we will make sure that any claim is handled in the quickest and most efficient way with your insurer
  • We offer an extensive range of commercial and personal insurance policies:

Motor Insurance, Home Insurance, Boat Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Commercial Insurance

  • We are a licensed insurance intermediary (insurance brokerage company) by the Malta Financial Services Authority 
  • We form part of the GBN and WING broker networks


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Recent News

  • COVID-19 – Jatco Continuity of Service

    Dear all, Due to the unforeseen circumstances of the tragic pandemic Covid-19, we have prioritised the health and safety of our staff and our clients by closing our doors and Read More →

    Jatco – Closure of Attard Branch Office

    We would like to notify our clientele that the Jatco Branch Office in Attard is no longer in operation.  Mr Jonathan Schembri, former Branch Manager has joined Jatco Corporate office Read More →

  • September Storms – get your premises ready!

    September has often been synonymous with storms.  Here are 10 useful tips on how to get your homes and commercial premises ready. Clean Gutters in order to avoid water overflows Read More →

    Jatco building its Cell Business

    In September 2013 Malta based Jatco Insurance Brokers PCC Limited announced that it had been granted a licence to operate as an intermediary PCC. “In line with the company philosophy Read More →

  • John Tortell to form part of the GBN Worldwide Business Development Committee

    We are pleased to announce that Mr John Tortell, Managing Director of Jatco Insurance Brokers PCC Ltd, has been nominated to form part of the Business Development Committee for GBN Read More →

    Jatco is now a member of WING

    Jatco has become a member of the Worldwide Insurance Network Group (WING). WING is a well established international partnership covering more than 50 countries, with each WING broker dedicated to delivering Read More →

  • Jatco is now a member of GBN

    GBN GLOBAL INSURANCE NETWORK LAUNCHED Organizational and vision announcement Read More →

    Jatco has been converted to a Protected Cell Company

    Jatco Insurance Brokers PCC Limited is pleased to announce that it has been granted a licence to operate as an intermediary Protected Cell Company. Read More →

  • Road licence renewals – absolutely hassle-free!

    We can renew your road licence from our online system. Read More →

    Why an insurance broker?

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  • Pet Insurance Policy

    This is a new type of insurance cover for your pet! Read More →

    What about NCD (No-claim bonus) Protection?

    NCD Protection can be purchased in order to protect your non-claim bonus. Read More →

  • What is a no-claim bonus/discount … and how can you benefit from this?

    A no-claim bonus, also known as no-claim discount, is gained once there are no claims. Read More →

    What to do in case of an accident when driving your car abroad?

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  • Green Card Insurance – how can you do this?

    1.   All motor insurance policies provide third party liability cover when the insured vehicle is used in EU countries, including also other non-EU states such as Croatia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway Read More →

    Easy steps to follow when in a car accident…

    1. If no persons are injured the local wardens shall be called to be present at the place of accident; Read More →

  • General information about Jatco

    Jatco’s aim is to ensure that the highest standard of service is given, doing our very best to deal with your insurance requirements in the most efficient manner.  However, concerns Read More →

    What is Jatco’s Broker Appointment Letter?

    This is simply a letter which we ask you to kindly sign when having a new policy with us so that you give us the authority to be your exclusive Read More →

  • Do you want us to open a claim for you? Here is how you can do this…

    Motor Claims The following documents are required: Read More →

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