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Capurro Insurance Europe Cell

Capurro Insurance Europe Cell, is the fifth protected cell to be licenced in the insurance intermediaries/ distribution market.  The Cell was licenced on the 6th May 2019 by the MFSA as a protected cell of Jatco Insurance Brokers PCC Ltd in terms of the Companies Act (Cell Companies Carrying on Business of Insurance) Regulations, 2010 and to carry out business as an insurance intermediary in terms of the Insurance Distribution Act (Cap. 487).  This Cell is owned by Capurro Insurance & Investments Ltd which is managed by Mr Patrick Sheppard-Capurro and has been in operation since 1876.

The Cell’s intention is to provide insurance brokerage services, specifically general insurance products, to clients based in EU/EEA states.  The Cell’s business shall be sourced through the Capurro parent in Gibraltar.  The Cell shall focus on all classes of general insurance specialising in, Home Insurance, Motor Insurance, Private Pleasure Craft Insurance, Travel Insurance and Medical Insurance.  The Cell also intends to develop commercial lines insurance products such as Commercial Combined Insurance, Commercial Packaged Insurance (property/liabilities), Professional Indemnity Insurance and Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance.

As an insurance broker, the role of the Cell will be to represent the client and present such risks to the insurance market with the intention to transfer as many risks as possible and make the clients aware about those risks which the client will need to retain.

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