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Green Card Insurance – how can you do this?

By Roberta Saglimbene
  • 28 Jun 13
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1.   All motor insurance policies provide third party liability cover when the insured vehicle is used in EU countries, including also other non-EU states such as Croatia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.

2.   Therefore, in accordance with EU regulations and the Green Card agreement, vehicles registered in the above mentioned states do not require a Green Card when travelling in such states, since the registration plate is sufficient proof that the vehicle carries the minimum third party liability cover required by law.

3.   It is only required that the policyholder informs us that they will be using their motor vehicle abroad.

4.   However, in case they wish to retain their Third Party Fire and Theft cover or Comprehensive cover, also when abroad, then they need to apply for Green Card Insurance which will extend their cover when abroad from Third Party Only to their preferred cover.

5.   In such case, we will issue an endorsement which extends cover outside Malta for the required period.

6.   We will also provide you with an International Certificate of Insurance – a Green Card – as proof of your insurance cover.

7.   It is important that the application for Green Card Insurance is submitted at least 1 week before travelling dates.
We will also require the names of the drivers who will be driving the vehicle when abroad.

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